Your comprehensive guide to being stylish this spring and summer. 

This year has shaken the fashion industry to its core with loungewear, fashion that sustains and comfortable fashion driving the industry, and for more than pandemic-related reasons. Sustainable fashion has become more readily available, with the biggest brands such as Dior and Gucci using the runway to showcase their commitment to a greener and more sustainable future with fashion. The focus is on luxurious and stylish pieces of clothing that will last and fit in with our lifestyles.

Sustainable fashion

Dior set its runway up with 164 trees destined for replanting in Paris’s urban areas and communal gardens. Gucci announced a new goal of net carbon neutrality by reducing and offsetting all carbon emissions from its supply chains.

Louis Vuitton played with a minimalist aesthetic with bleached pine seating sourced from sustainably managed pine forests which would be later repurposed by the organisation ArtStock.

As for the collections, they showed new methods of fashion consumption, design and creation. This year’s spring collections were an explosion of individuality and creativity celebrated via a multitude of eclectic and mixed styles. From classic wardrobe staples such as denim, trench coats and power suits to new staples, like neon dresses and immaculately tailored shorts.

Neon Explosion

When it comes to controversial trends, neon definitely tops the list. Valentino led the look-at-me colour explosion with a series of looks in fluorescent green, yellow and fuchsia. Marking a decade as a fashion house, Jacquemus pulsed with energy with its ready-to-wear collection dashed with hot pink and flame orange hues. Rocking an entire jumpsuit or gown in a highlighter colour makes for a bold fashion choice. But the best thing about this trend is that you can throw on a bioluminescent green suit paired with sneakers and you’ve got yourself a look.

For those that aren’t as keen on the attention-grabbing head-to town neon trend, why not opt for statement accessories, like a clutch or a pair of shoes? You can play up with your makeup with a bold neon eyeliner or lipstick. The limit does not exist!

Trends to go with leather garments

Tropical Floral Nights

“Florals? For spring? Groundbreaking.”

Although the fashion industry is often regarded as the purveyor of innovative concepts on dress, it does run on a routine. Fashion trends always come back, albeit in a different form. You can rely on the autumn and winter seasons for tweed and warm hues to make an appearance in the form of heavy coats, scarves and more.  But none are as ubiquitous as florals for spring and this year is no different. Versace revived its famed tropical-printed satin dress, as modelled by Jennifer Lopez on the catwalk. Dolce & Gabbana was also inspired by jungle themes and exotic flora, reminding us of just how beautiful our planet is.

Trends to go with leather garments

Colourful Leather

The most surprising trend to grace the runways was the fresh spin on block-coloured leather. While the supple fabric is reserved for the colder months, designers are determined to prove leather’s versatile use and style. The trending material was spotted in different hues and shades from dark green and cobalt blue to orchid purple in the form of matching tops and skirts, trenches and maxi dresses.

Trends to go with leather garments

Jeans Redefined

Jeans are the most versatile wardrobe piece anyone can have. It’s classic. It’s timeless. And with a multitude of cuts and washes, jeans can look great on any body shape. This year’s spring collections delivered super-refined denim ranging in hues from classic dark blue to indigo shades that oozed with a lived-in vibe. Dig out your favourite vintage Levy’s (the ones that make your butt look great!) and pair it with a sleek, leather pouch for an effortless day look.

Trends to go with leather garments

Cut It Out

Ever the popular trend amongst fashion powerhouses such as Balmain and Oscar de la Renta, the cheeky slither of skin has been a prominent feature across this year’s spring collections. Head to Balmain and Versace for seductive pieces that flirt with mid-section cut-outs. Fancy a triangle cut-out under your sternum? Emporio Armani and Missoni have you covered. Although not conventionally sexy, this trend leans more towards the quirky and unusual.

Trends to go with leather garments

Suit Up with Shorts

If you’re looking to freshen up your spring wardrobe, but aren’t willing to embrace eccentric neon hues, suggestive cut-outs or polka dots, there is one versatile catwalk trend you can easily incorporate into your look: the short suit. Offering a cool, modern take on classic tailoring, short suits strike a balance between seriousness and fun. From sharply tailored to more relaxed linen and leather. Bermuda shorts can easily transition from the office to a night out.

Trends to go with leather garments

50 Shades of White

Nothing encapsulates the fresh feel of spring, like an all-white look. The clean palette is synonymous with warm weather and is a fail-proof wardrobe essential for a timeless and elevated look.  Have fun and mix and match different shades of whites as seen on the catwalks of Loewe where delicate Guipure, marguerite lace and satin with feminine bows and flowers were showcased. Edge up the look like Alexander McQueen with waist-defining leather belts and combat boots. Stay clear of children, pets and red wine and you’re set for a chic spring look!

Trends to go with leather garments


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