We all want to look and project our absolute best when out and about so its very important to understand what  in society. The simplest way of achieving that goal is by creating the most stylish version of you. The version which is authentic, speaking out loud for your personality.

In the last few decades, jackets have grown to play a pivotal role of self expression especially through Hollywood movies. In the popular culture, jackets have been projected as a medium of style, substance and sheer class. Leather Jackets will continue to evolve with time as people’s preferences change but some styles have remained classic and timeless. Among them are bomber leather jackets, biker jackets and some unique styles such as leather vests. We are going to explore how to select a leather jacket which is suited to your personality and style.

The classic and essential Biker leather jacket

Biker jackets are a classic design that has been trending consistently since its inception. Also known as the “rider” It was initially designed purely for the motorcyclists with a cropped style. These leather jackets are the most elegant and eye catching amongst all categories of leather jackets. The reason being the sheer number of features such as zips, buckles, foldable lapels and flare collar just to name a few. Credit also goes to Marlon Brando who brought this style to the forefront of the popular culture. Biker leather jackets are best suited for individuals who are bold and confident in themselves. The best quality about this style is that it is suited for most occasions and looks good no matter what time of the day. Although the biker jackets have certainly modified and evolved over the years it still remains a timeless classic. For women, biker jackets look classy no matter how bright and vibrant the colors of the tops are. Similarly, men look equally dashing pairing the jacket with different colors and ripped jeans.

The Bomber

Originally designed as a flight jackets for the pilots in World War II, these jackets are simple in design yet extremely elegant. The bomber leather jackets are renowned for their shape with ribbed cuffs and waistband that cinches tightly at the waist and wrists. Some bomber jackets are bold in design boasting a fur lined collar as well. For Women, these jackets project a luxurious and regal look and pair off wonderfully well with jeans, t- shirts and even summer dresses. They truly are versatile.

When it comes to men, the bomber jackets project a rugged and sturdy image. They pair up amazingly well with jeans projecting the masculine, aloof and laid-back look. The jacket is perfectly suited for everyday wear and adds that touch of class when you want to style up.

The breezy leather vest

Leather vests are a special category of leather jackets that have gained massive popularity in the last decade. This style of leather jacket is quite popular among masses especially amongst fans of biker jackets. Like the biker leather jackets, it is eye catching and projects the same rebellious and confident nature. Bikers often sport this jacket as their signature look. Leather vest came to the forefront of popular culture thanks to the Undertaker of WWE fame that captured the imagination of fans with his rugged outlook. Leather vests are supremely comfortable to wear and quite functional as well. They are often worn under the jacket as a comforter. People often prefer extra protection of padding inside the vest as well for protection against harsh weather especially in winters. For men, Leather vests match superbly with jeans and boots paired up elegantly with sunglasses and bandanas. For women, leather vests pair superbly with jeans, tops and skirts equally well.

The best jacket to go with your personality

Each style of jacket exudes its characteristic vibes and not every style is suited for your nature and style. Whether you’re the jacket owner who is committed to one style or someone who likes to have an array of jackets, this guide should have helped you work out what style of jacket you would like to own. At the end of the day, no matter what your personality is, there is a perfect type of leather jacket which is tailor-made just for you and you deserve to get your hands on it!