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We make customised, high quality leather clothing to fit a Somebody that is YOU!

Triggos is all about style and confidence. At Triggos, we believe that style and confidence are uniquely yours and they go together. So when you pick a style of clothing or accessory, you’re making a choice to express yourself a certain way – and is there anything more authentic than that? You’re you and you’re awesome.

We stand by the “Buy less, Buy Better” ethos. Triggos offers great clothing that is made with expert craftsmanship, natural and durable material and that tad bit of extra (which we package up as ‘tender loving care’) is guaranteed to make you feel confident and stylish. Take a look around our online store to find what you like. And if you have any comments or suggestions, we’re here to help and ready to chat.

Triggos is run by a family of conscientious Sydney-Siders. We draft and design in our little workshop in north-west Sydney and then work with a team of experts to bring the designs to life. Our manufacturing factory is based in Karachi, Pakistan and is powered by many hard-working, super-talented team members who spend every effort to make the Triggos product authentically yours. Many of our products are hand-made. Our material is conscientiously sourced from all over the world, including Australia, New Zealand, Italy and many other countries. If you have any questions about our operations, please write to us by filling out the following form.

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100% real and natural

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